stitched textiles

Green vestments for Church of the Redeemer, Toronto - 2018

While the red set was being commissioned, the parish was also considering some green pieces to match an existing green laudian frontal. The decision was made to commission both sets at the same time, and to use a simpler version of the Celtic cross on the green pieces.

Green Vestments for St Paul's Cathedral, Regina- 2000

Inspired by how the grid pattern of prairie fields is intersected by the river valley, this set is made of green dupioni silk, silk-screened in three colours. The topographic contours of the Qu'Apelle river valley are hand stitched in silk thread.

For the past 21 years, Thomas Roach has designed and created custom designed Eucharistic vestments for Anglican worship. He is a resident artist at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver where he also creates seasonal installations.

He consults with Anglican parishes about how they can use liturgical textiles and their worship space to enhance public worship

Commissioned vestments are in the collections of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver - 4 sets in blue (1997), white (2011), green (2012) and purple (2019); the Church of the Redeemer, Toronto - 2 sets in red and green (2018); and St Paul's Cathedral, Regina (2000). In 2014 he was commisioned by the Diocese of New Westminster to create a set of 11 banners that formed the backdrop for the consecration of newly elected Diocesan Bishop Melissa Skelton.

Thomas Roach

Consecration of Bishop Melissa Skelton - 2013

The main portion of the consecration service was at the Vancouver Convention Centre, following a parade up Burrard Street, it concluded at Christ Church Cathedral. The challenge was to create a moving backdrop that provided celebration and continuity between the two portions of the service. Pin-tucked polyester with setacolour paints.

Advent Blue for Christ Church Cathedral - 1997

The music printed on blue dupioni silk is Cathedral music director Rupert Lang's setting of the "O Antiphons". The altar super-frontal was added following the Cathedral restoration in 2004.

Purple Vestments for Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver - 2019

Dedicated in memory of the Rev. Canon Douglas Williams by family and friends, this set features lenten prayers and psalms written by many hands. The Lenten rose motif and stencilling in the background of the orphrey bands were developed from two extant sections of Victorian stencilling in the Cathedral's east entrance vestibule.  

Red vestments for Church of the Redeemer, Toronto - 2018

The project began with parishioners writing out favourite hymns and prayers, these texts were used to create silk-screens that turned solid red silk into richly patterned cloth. The medallion detail was developed from two architectural details in the church. The altar frontal has two different views suitable for different times during the church year.